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Dark Demo, 4.5%

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This is a Sour - Fruited (View Untappd)


Polly's Brew Co. says:

'Keep it on the down low, but we’re harbouring a mildly dark secret here at Polly’s HQ - when we’re on a night out and the energy levels are starting to dip, we can’t resist a pint of dark fruits to pep ourselves back up and finish the night with gusto. The shame of it all. Now we’ve gotten that out into the open, we figured we may as well utilise this dark secret and turn it into an idea for a beer - a pint of dark fruits, but with a very much Polly’s twist. Dark Demo expands our rapidly growing sour beer arsenal and brings a metric tonne of Black Cherry, Blackcurrant, and Blackberry to the party for a piece of alchemy that could only have been inspired by the sticky floors of our university heyday. No artificial flavourings here though, we’ve gone all out on this incredible sour beer that is equal parts sweet, sour and just a wee bit savoury to boot.'

Brewed in Mold, Flintshire

44cl Can

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