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View From The Window, 4.8%

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This is a Pale Ale - New England / Hazy (View Untappd)

(UT RATING: 3.59)

Left Handed Giant says:

'Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Tate in celebration of 'Expressionists. Kandinsky, Münter and The Blue Rider.' Drawing inspiration from The Blue Rider Group's base in Bavaria, this pale ale combines traditional German malt, with contemporary German hops, and the latest in US hop products and modern brewing techniques. “Influenced by the Blue Rider group’s Murnau period, I embraced their hallmark loose brushstrokes and textured landscapes, synonymous with the evolving Expressionist movement. Crafting this piece demanded a departure from my usual approach, undergoing several revisions to achieve resonance with the Blue Rider aesthetic.” James Yeo. Vegan.'

Brewed in Bristol, City of Bristol

44cl Can

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