We love giving away free stuff.

The Fuss.Club is free, and you start earning points from the second you sign up. Check your balance on that left tab!

Earn through social media activity, money spent, and loyalty to unlock sweet rewards. 

The Club has 5 tiers:


BLACK TIER - EARN 500 points
Exclusive TFC BLACK enamel pin badge, and a £5 code you can redeem whenever you like, champ.
BLUE TIER - EARN 1000 points
Exclusive TFC BLUE enamel pin badge,
Exclusive TFC glassware not available on the shop,
and another wee discount code.
PINK TIER - EARN 2500 points
Exclusive TFC PINK enamel pin badge not available on the shop,
Top secret merch.. and very, very rare.
Like a first gen Alakazam shiny you can only get by drinking great beer.
You also get a 3% lifetime discount.


GOLD TIER - EARN 5000 points
An exclusive TFC GOLD enamel pin badge not available on the shop,
If Pink tier was Alakazam, you’ve just slid out a Charizard.
Super exclusive merch,
and a 5% lifetime discount.


An exclusive TFC RAINBOW enamel pin badge not available on the shop,
The reward on this is so out of this world not even
we know what it’s going to be yet, but rest assured,
you’ll be able to look down at people for the rest of your
life as you revel in your lifetime 10% discount.


Terms and Conditions:

All The Fuss.Club users who sign up for an account will automatically begin to accrue points, both from site activity and for every purchase moving forwards.

Points received from purchases will be added to the account within 24 hours of the order confirmation.

Customers moving into a new MEMBERSHIP TIER will receive their “Members Pack” with their next purchase. Where a new tier is reached using points acquired from a confirmed order; the Members pack will be sent with the NEXT confirmed order from TheFuss.Club".

The points collected have no expiration date; but cannot be transferred for cash, goods or services other than those outlined in The Fuss.Club guidelines. 

An outline of alternative ways to collect points, as well as your accounts current point total and MEMBERSHIP TIER, can be found in the REWARDS tab on the left of the website. 

Refer a Friend

When referring a friend; points will only be received where the “Friend” does not already have an existing account. The “Friend” must place a confirmed order for the rewards to be issued to each party.