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The Nectarmancer, 6.8%

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This is a Honey Beer (View Untappd)

(UT RATING: 4.01)

Black Iris Brewery says:

'Whats that, is it the Black Iris X Holy Goat collaboration that you didn't know you needed in your life? Why, yes of course it is! And we've gone and brewed something suitably stoopid! A Honeyed Stingo: Nectarmancer. If you've not heard of a Stingo before, fear not because not many other people have either... Sitting somewhere sweetly between a classic Bitter and a Barley Wine and traditionally aged on oak. We've had our first attempt at aging using oak spirals for this brew, Added a whole hunk of heather honey and to be honest, we're bloody excited to see what everyone thinks of it!'

Brewed in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

44cl Can

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