An Introduction to: Verdant Brewing Co. 10 Beers + Glass

This mixed pack has now sold out! See our available Verdant Cans HERE

An Introduction to: Verdant Brewing Co. 

The Fuss.Club 44cl Allegra Tumbler included free of charge.

10 Beers from one of the leading names in the UK right now. Verdant Brewing Co needs no introduction, other than that if you haven't yet, you need to try some. Right now.

We've picked our favourites from the cans available on the shop.

Box Contents:

Lightbulb 4.5%
Headband 5.5%
300 Laps Of Your Garden 4.8%
Even Sharks Need Water 6.5%
Maybe, 1 More PSI DIPA 8.0%
Random Rules 6.5%
Some Fifty Pale 5.2%
Marylou 5.2%
Unnecessary Sockets 5.2%
There Will Be No Intervals 4.5%