Wiper & True / Hop Garden: Iahdo 7 & Loral / 5.2%

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Idaho 7 and Loral IPA with Norwegian Voss Kveik Yeast.

Wiper & True says:

"A 5.2% Pale Ale, Idaho 7 and Loral showcases not one, but two more really interesting, multifaceted hops. Locked within these two beautiful ingredients is a rich tapestry of fruity flavour compounds, called thiols. In order to harness these flavours, our cellar team has used progressive dry-hopping techniques, paying close attention to how the unique Kveik yeast strain used in the beer interacts, behaves and plays with the hop-oils being injected during different points of the fermentation. The result is Idaho 7 holding the foreground producing an intriguing ripe pineapple, apricot and sauvignon blanc aroma with notes of sticky pine and black tea on the tongue. These flavours are complemented perfectly by the dark fruit tones of Loral, a hop which also brings peppery florality to the party. The recipe for this beer has been meticulously tailored so that every single ingredient highlights the hops and brings their majestic, sparkling flavour profiles to the fore. Along with the Norwegian Voss Kveik strain, renowned for its capacity to showcase the hops it’s used with, we chose low colour Golden Promise grain to be used in the mash tun. This creates a simple malt base which offers a fantastic base layer of flavour to build upon. As with many Wiper and True beers, a sizeable dose of torrified wheat was also added to the mash, which helps create a generous lacy head when the beer is poured, preserving its aromas while it’s in the glass."

Brewed in Bristol, England.

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