UnBarred Brewery / Lemon & Pineapple Sherbet Sour / 6.3%

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This is a Sour - Fruited (View Untappd)

(4.147) / ABV 6.3%

UnBarred Brewery Says:

'The concept for this beer was based around our childhood memories of flying saucers and other sherbet-based sweets that use to make our mouths tingle. At the heart, we used our sour malt base and sour culture. Lemon & lime flavour and aroma from New Zealand hops which have then been enriched with over 200 hand peeled and juiced lemons and a huge dose of sweet, tropical Pineapple. From the fresh lemons, we used the juice in the whirlpool to lower the PH of the beer and created the sherbet fizz with a blend of Citric & Malic Acids. Upfront sweet, ripe and juicy pineapple and sharp citrus. This is followed by tropical pineapple with huge zingy lemon and a fizz that bounces around your mouth. Our 6.3% Sour brings back all those nostalgic flavours of the sour section from the local sweet shop!'

Brewed in Brighton, England

44cl Can
Rating correct as of 06/04/2022