Tubby Toms / Scorpion Slammer: Super-Hot Trinidad Scorpion Chilli / 150g

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Tubby Tom's Say:

'I actually don't love scorpion chillies, the first time I ate some raw I was at a party and had to lock myself in a toilet, I stripped off and prayed to the capsaicin god for 3 hours non-stop before I stopped sweating and shaking. I was not ready.

Capsaicin god granted me permission to use the chillies so once I was blessed I decided to make a super hot sauce to honour the scorpion chilli. This is it.

Essentially a super hot table condiment - great for adding heat and acidity to food. Makes butt clenching hot wings, but also works when adding heat to a chilli con carne.'

Produced by hand in Gloucestershire, England