Tubby Toms / Buffalo Hot Sauce / 150g V
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Tubby Tom's Say:

'My take on a classic buffalo hot sauce - super tangy with loads of tasty garlic and aged cayenne peppers. It's now become one of our best sellers and firm favourite at Tubby HQ! I've tried a lot of buffalo sauces including some that have come out since we launched ours and they're all trash, this is the best hehe.

It's made for hot wings, just roast of fry ya wings before glazing in this sauce. If you want to be extra you could melt some butter in a pan and mix in a big glug of buffalo before glazing.

I love wings but I actually use this more as a table condiment - it's sharp and light and works so well with fried breakfast, poached eggs or avocados. Great as a hot dip or just mix with a bit of mayo for extra creamz.

It took me nearly 6 years of obsessive searching to find the right cayenne flavour and now i've got it. Ain't nothing like it.

Vegan Friendly / Allergens: BARLEY.'

Produced by hand in Gloucestershire, England

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