Track Brewing Co / If You Lose Me / 8.5%

Big Bodied, Fruity Double IPA with a Huge Charge of Citra, Nelson & Enigma on the Dry Hop.

Track Brewing Co Says:

'"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..." With sheer joy from this absolute beast of a DIPA!!! Our big body base of Extra Pale, wheat & big juicy oats combined with our signature lactose addition really pushes the body into velvety pillow realms. A huge charge of Citra, Nelson & Enigma on the dry hop gives a tantalising, tropical taste sensation - think guava, mango & papaya charging head first into one another in an explosion of deliciousness with a pithy, white grape finish reminiscent of champagne. A real cork-popping celebration of another go round the sun.'

This beer has an Untappd rating of 4.48 as of 11/01/2021

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Brewed in Manchester, England