Polly's Brew Co. / Tidal Reveals / 7%

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This is a Sour - Fruited Gose (View Untappd)

(3.937) / ABV 7%

Polly's Brew Co. Says:

'After our recent flirt with the imperial gose style in Plant Sugar gaining absolutely rave reviews, we set about looking into what we could do to one up ourselves, as is the MO here at the brewery. Deciding to stick with the higher ABV sour beers to maintain that thick, pulpy mouthfeel to accentuate the fruits we use, we settled on peach and apricot to play on those flavour characteristics present in our pale and hoppy beers, but amplified up for a banging gose that's equal parts sweet and sour. With a healthy addition of local sea salt to take the edge off that smacking of tartness, this beer is perfect for those hazy sunny evenings, where the sun stays out until late and the good times keep rollin'.'

Brewed in Mold, Wales

44cl Can
Rating correct as of as of 24/05/2021