North Brewing Co. + The Beak Brewery / North X Beak Brewery : Italian Pils / 4.8%

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This is a Pilsner - Other (View Untappd)

(3.594) / ABV 4.8%

North Brewing Co. + The Beak Brewery Says:

'Brewed in collaboration with Beak Brewery in Lewes, we’ve made a clean, crisp and hoppy Italian Pilsner. We’ve utilised heritage Haná Malt, the first ever variety of malt to be used in a Golden Pilsner recipe in Bavaria back in 1842, in 100% of the grist bringing subtle notes of freshly baked bread, a crisp and foamy body and a bright golden hue. We’ve used one of our favourite hops, Czech Saaz, in both the whirlpool and dry hop in pure powdered Lupomax and T90 format. Czech Saaz is full of incredibly bright and vibrant flavour, most notably a fresh and herbaceous quality with a touch of lemon zest and floral aroma. The Artwork is collaboration between Refold and Jay Cover, taking inspiration from Leeds Universities Roger Stevens Building.'

Brewed in Leeds, England

44cl Can
Rating correct as of 25/10/2021