Newbarns Brewery / PX Pilsner / 5.5%

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This is a Pilsner- Other (View Untappd)

(NEW) / ABV 5.5%

Newbarns Brewery Says:

'Whilst browsing historical Scottish brewing records we came across a Victorian lager recipe from the Youngers brewery in Edinburgh. We had been looking for an excuse to brew it for a while when Richard got in touch about brewing a birthday beer. These old recipes caught our eye because they were using a few unusual and unexpected brewing techniques, such as decoction, using sugar to bump the gravity and using English, German and American hops in the kettle (and sometimes even as a dry hop) for a classic high Youngers’ bitterness and a hop forward aroma. In addition to all this, there was an incredibly long and cold fermentation, leaving a high level of residual sugar in the beer.
The result is a surprisingly classic pils with a bit more of a bock-like sweeter “malt backboneâ€.'

Brewed in Badley, England

44cl Can
Rating correct as of as of 17/05/2021