Full Circle Brew Co + North Brewing Co / Northern Summit / 6.6%

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This is an IPA - American (View Untappd)

(3.733) / ABV 6.6%

Full Circle Brew Co + North Brewing Co Says:

'collab with North Brew Co using Azacca frozen fresh hops from Yakima Chief A heady nose of pine brings forth a light caramel tone in tandem with a hit of Seville orange pith that soars over hints of winter grass. Gentle carbonation accentuates the subtle malt sweetness before the Azacca fresh hop profile crashes upon the palate with waves of green mango and chewy evergreen before a clean finish of crisp and assertive bitterness studded with whispered suggestions of bubblegum and warming, lightly spiced citrus rind.'

Brewed in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

44cl Can
Rating correct as of 28/02/2022