Drop Project / Straight Up Sabro IPA / 5.8%

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This is an IPA - American (View Untappd)

(3.950) / ABV 5.8%

Drop Project Says:

'This 5.8% IPA is our second single hop release, and it's a hop we love. Often misused and misunderstood, its incredibly complex with many great layers. With truck loads of aromatics including coconut, citrus peel, tropical and stone fruits. Brewed with a choice selection of IPA malt, oat malt, flaked oats and house yeast, the best foundation was laid for Sabro to shine. Dry Hopped with a generous dash of Cryo it gives you all the citrus, coconut flakes and super ripe stone fruits, rounded out with a gentle bitterness, creamy body and a crisp finish. Making for a real easy IPA drinking experience. We love it and hope you do. '

Brewed in London, England

44cl Can
Rating correct as of as of 22/03/2021