Drop Project + Alpha Delta / Vortex / 10.0%

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This is an IPA - Triple (View Untappd)

(4.154) / ABV 10.0%

Drop Project + Alpha Delta Says:

'In collaboration with the Geordie shore legends, @alphadeltabeer. This being our first TIPA, we are pumped with how well it came out. This is well and truly a Vortex of flavours. Brewed with heaps of IPA, oat, flaked and wheat malts. Dry hopped with a reckless amount of Strata, Citra, Citra cryo and Azacca. Azacca hops leading the charge with more mango than a Rubicon factory and more beautiful forbidden fruits than the garden of Eden, this is some silly juice. This thing is smoother than a Barry White and Bill Withers collaboration. Booze, what booze?! '

Brewed in London, England

44cl Can
Rating correct as of 26/07/2021