Black Lines / Pear & White Tea Fizz / Bottles / 8.5%

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Liquid Gold. Light and bubbly with an Asian twist. A House signature, born over summers filled with iced teas and muddled pear lollies.


This one is one of our own - a Black Lines signature serve. The Pear & White Tea Fizz spent 6 careful months in development after a summer weekend filled with iced teas and muddled pear lollies. Despite starting life out as a limited release, we can’t stop drinking it and have had to make it a permanent member of the family.

This firm family favourite combines Chase farm-to-bottle Potato Vodka and Kanpai Junmai Sake, bringing together the very best of British spirits.

How To Serve

After the delivery driver arrives, get the bottle straight in the fridge. When you can’t wait any longer, pop the cap, pour over plenty of ice in a wine glass and garnish with a slice of fresh Lemon. There are 5 x 150ml serves per bottle.

Dietary Info

The Black Lines Pear & White Tea Fizz contains no allergens. It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and suitable for Vegans.