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Inari, 4.1%

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This is a Lager - Japanese Rice (View Untappd)

(UT RATING: 3.5)

Tartarus Beers says:

'Inari in Japanese mythology is a good deity, most commonly associated with rice. There are a few ways that Inari is depicted, sometimes as a bearded man riding a fox or as a woman with long hair carrying sheaves of rice. Foxes, symbolising benevolence and malevolence, are thought to be the messenger of Inari, they can be seen in and around shrines to Inari. For this beer we have brewed a rice lager with a simple malt bill, new world hops and jasmine flowers. This beer is light, dry and floral. Raise a toast to the rice deity.'

Brewed in Leeds, West Yorkshire

44cl Can

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