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Acid Trip, 5.5%

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This is a Sour - Fruited Gose (View Untappd)


Pipeline Brewing Co. says:

'Padstow Brewing Co came over to play on our new kit - we reckon the beer we made is just perfect for the Cornish vibe - wherever you are. Blood orange , raspberries, coriander and Cornish sea salt got stuffed into this super refreshing Gose. Soured with a yeast isolated from grapes which naturally produces lactic acid, ethanol and a complex ester - a wicked alternative to kettle souring with Lacto bacteria. Super drinkable - not overly sour but tart from the freshest pureed fruit we could find - blood oranges and raspberries crammed in at the end of the ferment '

Brewed in Saint Agnes, Cornwall

44cl Cans

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