An Introduction to: Verdant Brewing Co / 8 Beers + Glassware

We've dug deep for the first 'Introduction to:' pack of the year, and it's live now.

With the recent release of the much anticipated Putty, just three days in can, it felt right to revisit Falmouth legends @Verdant Brewing Co. Arguably the greatest producer of big, hazy IPAs and pales in the UK right now.

Classic hop combos down to a science. That signature chew. That unmistakable Verdant grassy note. If you don't know, then you ought to get to know. 

Pack Contents:

Double Faced Verdant Printed Allegra Tumbler -  44cl
Beer Craft #7 - Verdant x The Fuss.Club - Putty's Whale

Putty - 8.0%
Mango, lemon, citrus and earthy pines. Peaches, passion and mixed tropical fruits. The hoppiest beer we have produced so far. A showcase of the New England Style. Loaded with Galaxy, Mosaic and Azacca hops expect masses of mango, lemon, citrus and pine alongside peach, passion fruit and mixed tropical fruits.

Fruit Car Sight Exhibition - 8.0%
Citra here... Citra there, Citra everywhere! You get the picture. One of our most cherished beers and for good reason! Get set for soft and luscious wallops of mango and apricot alongside a melange of citric based fruits, and a little sweaty goodness to close things out and keep things 'real'.

Maybe One More PSI? - 8.0%
Think of berries. Think of stone fruit. Think of pine needles. Think of a 1970’s squash club changing room (sweaty). That’s Mosaic… 'Maybe One More PSI?’ is a single hop Vermont style showcase. If you don’t like Mosaic hops then you won’t like this beer.

Even Sharks Need Water - 6.5%
We put together an A-Team of Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy with our super fruity house yeast strain to make a classic New England IPA – just a hint of bitterness, and a balance of sharper citrus fruits to stop the tropical aroma being too sweet.

Home From Home - 6.5%
An IPA bursting with Citra, Nelson & Galaxy goodness! Dank, creamy and packin' citrus, grape & passion fruit flavours. Plus there's a sneaky QR code giving you exclusive access to competitions, Verdant-curated playlists and loads more!

300 Laps Of Your Garden - 4.8%
A massively refreshing Azacca and Mosaic hopped pale with enduring flavours of ripe mango, citrus fruit, and reviving pine notes. A hefty Nelson Sauvin addition turns up the sun with juicy gooseberry and grape notes. Perfect post-garden Grand Prix refreshment.

Neal Gets Things Done - 6.5%
With a busy hops bill that includes lashings of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops, Neal Gets Things Done is the latest juicy explosion from the juicy explosion specialists.

Headband - 5.5%
Glowing orange colour. A beautifully balanced beer where the malts really help amplify the hops juicy qualities. Layers of flavour: tropical fruit, citrus fruit, stinky cheese, caramel all working together. Bitter and sweet. Lush.

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