An Introduction to: Overtone Brewing / 8 Beers + Glassware + Bits

The 12th in our 'Intro' series is live.

This one's been on the cards since the get go and with this last round of releases it was too perfect to resist.

Re-introduce yourself to the acclaimed Glaswegian brewing heavyweights @OvertoneBrewing , established 2018. Having built up a notable following in their short tenure, Overtone are synonymous with consistently excellent, and sometimes ridiculous beer.

Merch, glassware, recent specials, fan fave rebrews, and some reimagined classics. Something for everybody, so if you don't know, get to know!  

Box Contents:

Overtone Brewing Stemmed Glassware, 2/3rds
Exclusive 'Beer Craft' Origami Whale Print
TFC Stickers and patch pack

Big Yin TIPA, 10%
Triple New England IPA
UT 4.27 Link

Eton Mallows, 8%
Imperial Berry Sour
UT 4.13 Link

It's All Nelson, 8%
Double New England IPA
UT 4.37 Link

Vanilla Froth, 9%
Imperial Double Coffee Stout
UT 4.18 Link

Yaldi, 6.6%
Milkshake IPA
UT 4.04 Link

Bigger Sur, 8.5%
Double West Coast IPA
UT 3.74 Link

Stoater, 6%
Oatmeal Stout
UT 3.85 Link

Rock The Boat, 5%
Hazy IPA
UT 3.67 Link