An Introduction to: North Brewing Co. 9 Beers + Glassware

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An Introduction to: North Brewing Co. 

Presenting the third in our 'An Introduction To:' series.

Here's 9 Beers and a few extras from one of the leading names in the UK right now. 

North needs no introduction, other than that if you haven't yet, you need to try some. Right now.

Box Contents:

Beer Craft #1 - Fuss x Refold - Refold's Whale

North Brewing Co - Birthday Mencia Glass

North Brewing Co + Yakima Chief Hops - TRI2304CR IPA - 6.2%

North Brewing Co - Inherited Silver - 6.0%

North Brewing Co - Split Moon - 8.0% (Fresh Brew)

North Brewing Co - Mystic Voyage - 8.5% (Box Only)

North Brewing Co - Triple Fruited Gose: Mango & Passionfruit - 4.5% (Early Access)

North Brewing Co + Napabier - Triple Fruited X Rise Up - 7.0% (Early Access)

North Brewing Co + Paria - IPA V4 - 6.0% (Early Access)

North Brewing Co - Leafcutter DDH IPA - 6.8% (Early Access)

North Brewing Co - Pinata - 4.5%

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