An Introduction to: Cloudwater Brew Co / 7 Beers + Glassware + Extras

The eleventh in our 'Intro' series is live.

Re-introduce yourself to UK brewing heavyweights @cloudwaterbrew

Merch, glassware, recent specials and some iconic CW classics. 

'Our work at Cloudwater starts with the intention of helping you relax and unwind with the finest quality modern beers we can make. We employ all the passion, skills, dreams, and experience of our team, and harness up-to-the-minute brewing science and techniques, out of respect for the ingredients our suppliers work hard to grow and process, and out of our gratitude for your support and trust.

We’re devoted to offering you value through bold, precise flavours, bottomless drinkability, the lowest possible off-flavour presentation, and consistency from one beer to the next.

Founded in 2014, we brewed our first beers on February 14th 2015. In our short history, we have made hundreds of different beers, in styles old and new, classical and imagined, evolving our brewing skills, honing our sensory evaluation techniques, and trialling fermentation and process changes in pursuit of ever higher-quality beer.'

Box Contents:

Printed Birthday Sensorik Tumbler - 42cl
2 x Cloudwater printed beermats
TFC x Cloudwater x Textbook Studio Paper Whale Kit #8
CW Stickers and badges pack

Chubbles³: Enhanced - 10%
'Chubbles³: Enhanced is our collaboration TIPA with The Veil that is triple dry-hopped and brewed using our proprietary *Enhancing* technique. Made with 100% English malt, a ton of flaked oats, and hopped intensely with Galaxy, Citra, Nelson and El Dorado. Insanely saturated orange, grapefruit, and yummy tropical fruit.'

The Transformative Power of Gratitude - 10.5%
'The third in a series of beers brewed exclusively for the independent retail trade. By buying this beer from an indie retailer you are helping a small independent business get through a difficult winter, and in turn you are helping more people discover not only the superior variety and flavours of craft beer, but the knowledgeable, warm, and intimate service you simply can’t get elsewhere.'

My Continuous Improvement - 11%
'Imagine all your favourite chocolate desserts crammed into a single glass. We've doubled up our usual additions of cacao and vanilla to create a hedonistic rush of flavours, blending gooey, dark chocolate brownies, silky ganache and smooth, cocoa-dusted truffles. The kind of elegant treat you'll delight in sharing with friends and loved ones at the end of a relaxing meal.'

Crystallography - 8%
'This is a tribute to the strong, heavily hopped West Coast beers that captured our hearts by combining incredible depth of flavour, with effortless drinkability. It’s rich and intense yet still soft, fresh and bright, with a finish that’s deliciously dry and clean rather than aggressively bitter.'

It's A New Day - 6%
'The third in a series of beers pairing our hand selected Motueka from New Zealand with Sabro from the US. This is the smallest of the three siblings but is still stuffed with those unmistakeable flavours of fresh lime, juicy tropical fruits and coconut cream.'

Pale Ale Recipe Evolution #4 - 3.7%
'Our signature recipes undergo continuous evolution, as we develop new processes and respond to changing tastes, ensuring what you experience in your glass is never anything less than fresh and exciting. But now we want to bring you into the development process. This is the forth of four one-off variants of our Pale Ale showcasing new techniques or recipes, and your feedback will help us decide upon the next step. Head here to have your say.'

Light Lager - 3.5%
'Our Light Lager is designed for ease of enjoyment, providing serious drinkability without compromising on flavour. It's brewed to be thirst-quenching, crisp and dry, combining a subtle lemon and herbal hop character with light sweetness and a pronounced, lasting malt character.'