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Steep Soda Co

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We set up Manchester's first and only small batch, handmade, craft soda brewery! We make our sodas according to 3 key values: we hand make everything, to ensure the highest quality. From juicing, making our syrups, to bottling, labelling, & boxing every bottle of our soda. We only use real fruits, herbs, & spices,no flavour extracts! We source the best seasonal produce for our drinks because better quality ingredients make the tastiest drinks! All our soda contain much less sugar than our more traditional and mainstream competitors! this allows our customers to actually taste all the wonderful flavours of our produce. Our drinks offer a great alternative to our mainstream cousins, suitable for the mindful drinker, the driver, the lunchtime refresher, & often a great mixer/cocktail finisher! Made especially for you by Liam & Laura.