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A Year In Beer: The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Seasons

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Going well beyond Pilsner when it’s hot and Stout when it’s cold.

A Year in Beer is a bold and exciting new look at beer, encouraging drinkers to reconnect our favourite beverage with the world around us.

Taking us through the hop and malt harvests of late summer, the joyful fireside drinks and slow cooking of Autumn, the glut of Christmas beers and a cheese boards of winter, and the wild and fresh burst of new life and brewing in spring, A Year in Beer explains why drinking seasonally might just teach us more about what we drink and why.

The book is peppered with delicious food recipes, explorations of the UK’s modern brewing scene and deep dives into the histories and unlikely origins of our favourite styles – all bringing it back to the context in which we enjoy them – not just the season, not just the weather, but the people and the places that make them unique.
Written by 2019 Beer Writer of the Year Jonny Garrett this book will change how we look at brewing and drinking beer, and increase our enjoyment of both.

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