The Beyond Reasonable Stout Pack

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Tis the season.

Eight tried and tested winter instigators.

Coats are on, the heating's up, so that can only mean one thing, your honour.

It's time to get your slippers on and join us on the dark side.

Have an exclusive TFC glass, a bag of snacking cheese and a limited Fuss Whale Sticker on us.

Go on, it's cold out. 

Box Contents: 

The Fuss.Club Exclusive Allegra Glass - 44cl
Serious Pig - Snacking Cheese 
The Fuss.Club Limited Edition Whale Sticker


Eschatology, 9.5%
'An Imperial Stout with salted Caramel and 20kg of Telma Machado, a Natural Coffee from Brazil.'
Untappd - 3.74


Arbor Ales
Cafe Creme, 6.5%
'Luxurious oatmeal stout, brewed with freshly ground coffee and roasted cacao nibs.'
Untappd - 3.76


Cloudwater Brewing Co.
Person Woman Man Camera TV: A Cognitively Adequate Ale, 8%
'Friends & Family & Beer is more than a not-for-profit festival — it’s a wider celebration of community, creativity and independent values. To emphasise this, we’re brewing a series of collaborations with our friends, and donating 5% of profits from each to charity. For the third, we’ve taken old favourite Make Apple Pie Great Again and made it greater. Brewed with Against The Grain, this full-flavoured Brown Ale is infused with apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and vanilla. Just like mom used to make.'
Untappd - 3.72

The Kernel Brewery
Export India Porter, 5.9%
'The Export India Porter relates to porter in a similar manner to the way the IPA relates to the Pale Ale: they added more hops. We've taken Barclay Perkins recipe from 1855, but changed the hops to Columbus and Cascade (American varieties) and hopped it in the same way that we hop our IPAs. The result is a dark brown beer that smells of cocoa, roses, and some orange. The body is quite light, and it is carbonated more highly than usual for a porter to make it more refreshing. It's quite light in texture and tastes of Turkish delight dusted with cocoa powder – chocolate, rose water and fruit. Dry finish.'
Untappd - 3.83

Verdant Brewing Co.
Alternative Currency, 5.8%
'Our interpretation of an important historical style of beer, the East India Porter. Gorgeous porter aromas and flavours of charred toast, breakfast coffee grounds and roasted cacao nibs mingle amongst our signature lush mouthfeel, apricot yeast esters and a precise and punchy dry hop of Amarillo and Ekuanot. Wonderful lasting roast and resin bitter notes. Drinkability is high. Silly pastry nonsense is low.'
Untappd - 3.85

Wiper & True
Milk Shake, 5.6%
'Milk Stouts are brewed with sugar from cow's milk to give the beer a sweet, creamy tone. Milk Shake combines copious chocolate malts laced with vanilla to create a luxurious, milkshake-rich and satisfyingly dark beer.'
Untappd - 3.87


Brew York
Tonkoko, 5.2%
'Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Chocolate Milk Stout. Our award winning milk stout, described as bounty in a glass. Huge coconut and chocolate flavours with a Tonka and Vanilla finish. Really creamy and easy drinking.'
Untappd - 3.8


Deya Brewing Co.
How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes, 5%
Brewed with expressive American hops Mosaic and Amarillo, this IPA showcases the best features of a modern pale ale. Mosaic provides a dynamic foundation of tropical stone fruit aromas while Amarillo brings explosive citrus qualities including juicy orange and zesty lemon notes. Our house ale yeast develops a softer, hazy profile while the addition of oats provides a smooth finish.'
Untappd - 3.73

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