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Foeder Beer Mosaic, 4.7%

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This is a Farmhouse Ale - Other (View Untappd)

(UT RATING: 3.73)

The Kernel Brewery says:

'4.5-4.8% abv. Malted barley, wheat, oats. In essence a hybrid of our saison and pale ale, fermented in foeder(a 4000l oak vessel previously used for red wine production) with a combination of Belgian ale yeast and our house mixed culture, then dry-hopped to intensify hop aroma. When young, character is dominated by hops and fruity/spicy belgian yeast aromas, with a more pronounced hop bitterness than our other pales; as the hops fade the elements of the mixed culture can bring acidity and a drier finish.'

Brewed in London, Greater London

33cl Bottle

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