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ABYSS Brewing

Lewes, England

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ABYSS is a forward thinking Micro brewery born under Lewes, East Sussex. From dark to light we brew modern beers with BIG personalities. Our core range of IPA’s including DANK MARVIN, TROPICAL THUNDER, DREAMZ enjoy a loyal following. We believe in the power of beer to bring people together, we’ve always placed collaboration at the heart of what we do, whether brewing beer or working with the creative community and local charities. To date we’ve created new beers with our friends at SALT Brewing, SMOD/Saint Mars of the Desert, ATOM beers, Arundel Brewery, and PLAY Brew Co with many more to come. We’ve also curated our own events: SUPERFUZZ Fest, The ABYSS Cycle Club, ABYSSMAS, and CAMP ABYSS.
Have You Ever?, 6.0%

Abyss Brewery